Monday, June 05, 2017

Continued Work Towards a Balance

"We will be judged above all by love, and the love by which we will be judged is not some general, abstract love for humanity, not some sentimental and optimistic outlook on human nature, but love towards specific human beings."  page 107 Fr. V. P. in Journey to the Kingdom

"Listening to people was one of her special ministries.  She often said that in our days, we scarcely know how to listen to the other, for we usually prefer to listen to ourselves, to our own talking, even after we ask a question."

"I remember her saying, "What is the good of Obeying, if you do not love? What is the use of being a lifeless robot? What is important is to love."

"Because love, humility, patience are synonyms. I do not obey, I love.  that is what she said."

page 127-129 ~ Mother Gavrilla, the ascetic of love

"Love for Christ is the foundation of our spiritual life.  If we do not have this love, then we will be like pagans who approach their gods in order to receive some immediate need from them.  ... A child reaches out for his own mother, because she loves him and because he loves the one who gave birth to him and carried him in her arms.  Our prayer must be like this!" ~ Fr. Alexander Men page 116,  Fr. Alexander Men An Inner Step Towards God 

It's nearing 5 PM and I have not really taken any pictures today.
The day began quietly and I enjoyed the brief quiet.
Then my Husband brought me breakfast and then our 
new help came, she's doing well, very conscientious and kind,
and cultured too...
I had ladies who came to clean and another lady assisted me
and braided my hair in a french braid!
I read online about a woman who broke her ankle and what she 
did during it and one of the things was to braid her hair
and this has been working quite well for me!
I managed to write some letters,
watched a bit of A. G. on amazon prime again,
I find if I keep myself busy, I am not as aware of
discomfort, which I think works well.
Thanks again to everyone who is thinking of me,
praying for me and leaving such kind comments on my blog!
May God bless and help us all!
Prayer request for another again today - Joy's family is facing so 
much struggle right now...please pray for them
and read more here, including how to help.
Lord have mercy on us!


Tracy said...

WONDERFUL words of love to lift up the mind, body and spirit... thank you for sharing these, Elizabeth! Very good reading as your recover and re-claim some good balance. It is so hard dealing with the body when it is broken. We must rely more on our heart and head in such times. So glad you've gotten some help at home at last, and that it is going well! How lovely... your hair braided. And how such a gentle thing can mean so much... :) Be taking good care, and may God Bless you ((HUGS))

elizabeth said...

Thanks Tracy! Yes, the braid was so nice!!!

shoreacres said...

I'm so happy to hear that your new help seems congenial. And I envy your braid, just a little! I'd love to have long hair, and braid it, but long hair really doesn't suit me -- so no matter!

It's such a day to day thing, isn't it? Still, we think of you, and keep you and your husband in our prayers.