Thursday, July 28, 2016

This Past Monday

We had a real strong thunder storm, 
lots of lightening and pouring rain!
Cleo was calmly sitting on a chair while
I frantically did all I could, as Mr Husband was 
coming home in the storm...
(Later he thought he should of just stayed at work, 
but then we would not have the story or the happy 
return home, he miraculously dry by thinking of what ways to 
take by public transit and buying a 5.00 umbrella from a street vendor
doing 'brisk trade' of them!)
First I lit all the lampadas and a blessed candle used in times of storm and other 
troubles... and sought to pray... and asked others to pray also...
I lit the dinner candles at some point too...
Then I hurriedly made crepes, after getting our battery powered lantern out,
as really, the power could go out and indeed some lines were downed by trees,
blocking public transport.
Crepes made, table set, I waited for my Husband's texts about where he was.
And thankfully, thankfully!! Just 10 minutes or so before he got to the nearest
train station near us, the storm calmed and the water was draining away....
I had not been so thankful at Mr Husband's arrival!! 
We feasted on the crepes and sausages, 
and talked gaily about it all.
It is now one of the happy memories created by storm. 


Jennifer Hays said...

I love this, Elizabeth! It looks so cozy and romantic and your meal sounds delicious. I enjoy it so much when an unexpected happy memory develops out of nowhere. It's one of the best things in life, I think.

elizabeth said...

Thank you Jennifer! It is a real blessing! I was worried for him but praying and praying creates love and it was wonderful!!! and yes, romantic. I tease my Husband who pretends he is not romantic, but we all know better :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Goodness, what an adventure! You certainly had a cloudburst and no mistake!
I do love your embroidered napkins <3

Lisa said...

This is a very touching story. So good that the difficulty has also brought you some good memories! I admire your crepe-making ability: and to do it so quickly! Good for you!

GretchenJoanna said...

It means a lot to a man to have a good meal and a happy wife waiting at home for him on a night like that!

Nancy said...

Thunderstorms can be scary. We've had quite a few in Halifax the past week. One person was struck by lightning but thankfully only suffered minor injuries. I love your napkins and I'm seriously violating the 10th commandment right now because of them.