Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Another wonderful day of family visiting!

Fireworks from the 4th!

My cousin and I had tea by candle light!

She also made dinner!
Vegan pasta and garlic bread, fruit salad, green salad and other delights! 


We reorganized the library today! 
My cousin H and her son W were a big help!
It looks much better!
We are still planning on getting more shelving someday, 
but for now, this is a great improvement! 
A wonderful day!
Tomorrow we hope to go to NYC!


Sophy said...

Elizabeth, Your table setting looks so nice, especially with the candle light.
I love your library. I hope to have a library/icon room one day.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Sophy! Yes, the candles were so wonderful!!! I love our library too; it's such a blessing... it's our library/chapel/guestroom! One thing at a time, right? for years I had very small areas for an icon corner... we do what we can and work towards what is our dream! :)

karen said...

sounds like you are having fun!! I LOVE your library :) rearranging books is one of my favorite activities. Have fun in NYC!

Paula said...

Sounds like a fabulous visit. Hope you get to NYC.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Your library makes my heart sing - so wonderful to see books being cherished and read!

October Rose said...

Your library is wonderful!! (And do I see an empty shelf with room for more?? ;) )