Thursday, July 07, 2016

Beautiful Day in NYC with my cousin and her son!

We saw Lady Liberty
and enjoyed the Ferry ride to her and then to NYC,
Battery Park!

My Cousin and I had fun here, her son held our things and we ran through! 
It was a super hot day so this was super refreshing!

They had a WWII memorial for all of those lost at sea.
It was moving to see and the prayer at the end, I wish more today would know it:
Into Thy Hands, O Lord...
Reminded me of Elizabeth Goudge's Scent of Water.

We enjoyed being at Battery Park before we 
caught a cab to Mr. Husband's work for lunch!
I have no pictures, but I enjoyed a wonderful salad and veggie burger! 
Then we went to Chelsea Market (I love the French scented soaps!),
and then the high-line Park, which is above ground, on an old train track...
And then we cabbed to the Strand!
We had done a lot of walking and were glad for the cabs we
were able to flag down!
(I walked at least 8K steps according to my phone)

We visited the Strand and got some great books!
I got some Madeleine L'Engle and Donald Hall, am very pleased about this!

We went to an Italian Restaurant that we have been to a few times before
and I had an enjoyable dish of clams with Pasta!
We were all really tired by that time and Mr. Husband suggested we take a
cab back home, and so we did, having conversations about architecture, beauty 
and how important they are for us.
And that was our day in NYC!


Jennifer Hays said...

It sounds like such a nice day, Elizabeth. I love how you got photos of Lady Liberty coming and going, and your dinner looks so delicious.

Paula said...

What a wonderful way to spend a day! NYC is actually on the top of Ella's 'places to go' list. She's promised to take me too. We like to watch "Mysteries at the Museum" and she thinks the Met. would be a great place.

Pom Pom said...

Wow! It all looks so fun! Thank you for sharing, good Elizabeth!

Sophy said...

It sounds like such a fun day in NYC! I am going to have to check the high-line out one day, I've heard about it.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

It looks wonderful!

Martha said...

Nice! I saw the statue of Liberty when I was about 10...need to go again with my kids now. Is it $15/person for the ferry?

karen said...

I am travel weary after a busy weekend in Montreal and yet... you are making me wish for a trip to NYC :) lovely photos!!