Wednesday, July 20, 2016

(Brief Opening) ~ The Door to Summer

I was with my Grandma and my Great Aunt P. 
on Saturday July 16, 2016.
Perfect weather at her cottage on Lake MI;
sunny, low 80s, breezy, water 70F, beautiful,
calm waters, only cresting towards the evening. 
I got picked up at 8:30 with 10 minutes to talk with my beloved Husband
and off I was with Grandma to Aunt P's place.
Then to "Gary's" for breakfast,
then the cottage after 11 AM and sitting around,
visiting with some I had not seen in many years,
then a late lunch,
then changing and going to the beach...
sitting, then swimming in the lake MI, so refreshing, beautiful,
floating as waves wash under you, moving you about, floating
in clear water, green with light, above deep blue sky,
tall tall trees, green leaves, floating and seeing the most beautiful trees,
P. who is swimming with me tells me that when she thinks of her
favourite place to remember it is this view;
the water, floating in such comfortable water, waves...
Then more sitting and talking and then water and then a walk all 
the long walk way to the Pier, passing various happy smiling people,
one man with towel wrapped around reading a book,
two small stones found, forgot to give to the young boys for their
new stone collection,
back at the beach where others are after the long beautiful walk,
another swim in that beautiful body of water
that is not an ocean, is Lake Michigan,
better than salt water, fresh, beautiful water, waves, beauty surrounding
and then sitting on the beach, the two year old playing in and out of the water,
talking prodigiously, 'I did it' 'I smash the car castle' ... joyful, blond, round face,
blue eyes, happy young voice, focused on sand, water, shovel, ...
sun water sand.... so beautiful...
One last dip in the water, trying to get feet free of sand, failing, walking up the dune on the steps,
back to the cottage, cleaning feet, changing, sand everywhere,
dreaming of the future bath and going up changed for dinner,
hamburgers on the grill,
sitting knitting, talking with others while dinner is made,
eating dinner on the deck, so good, such beauty, just sitting on the deck,
the ride home, first to Aunt P's house,
seeing it again, so familiar, unchanging, beautiful, she is 90 now and still lives at home,
wonderful books, pictures, dishes...
Talking with Grandma as we drove home to my parents, dropping me off,
talking about the next steps in my trip, 
going to the monastery, talking of future phone calls I will make to her soon,
I try to call Grandma once/week...
So much goodness,
being home and back at my Aunt P's cottage for the first time in over 23  or 24 years....
I was finally able to tell my Aunt P how when I had my most happy dreams,
I was right there, at her cottage....


karen said...

I bet your aunt loved when you said that :) I thoroughly enjoy seeing your trip through your camera lens, such a beautiful part of the country!!!

Paula said...

What a great looking place! I'd love to get away again, but we're heading into the busy season again. Enjoy your holiday.

GretchenJoanna said...

The door to summer...yes, you have opened that door to me, of a Lake Michigan summer experience, and it is sweet indeed.

E Helena E said...

What refreshment! So glad for you.

October Rose said...

This is beautiful! What a perfect time.

Emily H. said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! You picked the perfect week to visit MI too!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Glorious photos of a very happy holiday for you and your family xx

Zena said...

A precious place filled with so much goodness. I felt so relaxed just viewing the glorious scenes and hearing your every moment.

Lisa said...

It sounds very pleasant.