Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Preparing for a wonderful event!

My Husband and I were asked to be godparents to a little boy!
We really excited! 
The baptism won't be for weeks yet, but I am preparing for it 
now, so that I am sure we have everything! 
I got some cute simple white onesies so that he will be comfortable,
and a nice simple baptism suit... 
we had to figure out what one to buy, thankfully the Mom of my Godson was online
and we chatted and I sent pictures via my phone.
Finding a store out here in NJ that actually carried baptismal outfits was a challenge!
I went to 3 well known department stores and they all said they only get these
for Easter time.... as if babies are only born in early Spring!?! 
Anyway, for the record, it was Sears that had the outfit!
(And I have to take it back, as I did not realize that they did not remove
the 'do not steal' clip that if removed incorrectly will spill ink on the clothes)...
I also got socks and shoes!
I love shopping for godchildren! :)
Icons, a most *beautiful* blanket, a simple Cross and a silver baptismal Cross for
the baby when he is older are being obtained...and we are using very simple
candles!  The icons, Crosses and candles are all from various
monasteries, so that is fun!
It's always such an awesome privilege to be a godmother to another child...
to commit to praying for them everyday, to provide what one can in terms of 
spiritual instruction (all my godkids are long distance, 
so we do lots of books and icons), and to be worthy examples in our life
and in our death, both of which we need God's abundant mercy!
My new godson's patron is St. Luke the Surgeon;
I know that this St. Luke is a very beloved Saint - 
there is a wonderful children's book on him,
and a book for adults too; many online sources speak of him,
including here, here, here and here
Elizabeth mentioned that there is a children's one, a small one,
found by P. Press, you can see it here, it's book # 29!
As some know, years ago I was being the nerdy, geeky librarian that I am,
and am happiest being, and I decided to create a list of all the 
online Akathists I had found and which ones I had digital copies of
that were not online.
St. Luke the Surgeon is one of these whose Akathist I have on my computer but 
that is not found online (at present, as far as I know).
I still get emails requesting this akathist! More than any other Saint's service!
St. Luke is very much loved!
It is wonderful how our children and godchildren can have
such wonderful Patron Saints to be with them and help them!
We are so excited and thankful for this upcoming baptism!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What joy! May you live to baptise a hundred godchildren!

There is also a **wonderful** little book about St Luke the Surgeon for young children by Potamitis Publishing as part of their Paterikon for Kids series.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Elizabeth! 100, oh boy, that would be such a lot of names to pray for daily!!! I will receive what the Lord gives, no matter the number! :)

Will update the post to include the one you mentioned!

GretchenJoanna said...

What happy news - and you are having fun preparing. A very blessed little boy, to have St. Luke for a patron and you two for godparents!

Becki said...

What beautiful baby things, Elizabeth. I'm glad you've shared pictures. Perhaps it is because godparents aren't a tradition of our family or faith, but I am very touched and encouraged by the joy you express over this relationship and the commitment you're making. To have godparents such as yourselves would be a lovely thing.

karen said...

I am so excited for the two of you! That is one blessed baby to have you both as a moral compass. Congratulations and have fun planning!!

Paula said...

What fun! It's so hard to believe that my Goddaughter just got married.

Matushka Anna said...

What a wonderful blessing! The Church is so good to have these occasions of ongoing joy for us. ❤️