Friday, July 08, 2016

The last day of our visit and a quiet Friday

After a quick breakfast, my dear cousin and her son were off...
only I found the wallet of the son in our library,
so they quickly circled back, not having gone that far,
and last hugs were done again
and then, gone. So quiet.
We had a beautiful fish dinner yesterday,
was the Feast of St John the Baptist's Nativity
and St. Elizabeth's day too 
(One of my 2 patron Name Saints)...
We had green salad, fruit salad, cashews, tomatoes,
fantastic organic salmon with ginger and lemon oil, lemon, 
onion, salt and pepper...
and fried potatoes with onion,
fried mushrooms with onion....
Lemon refreshing!

Candlelight makes such a difference!
Next week I will be at my parents, Mr. Husband is one I will miss,
but I will be seeing my Grandmother and her sister, DV and my 
Great Aunt P. is 90 years old, so we both know it is
important for me to go and be with my family for a bit!
I will blog as I can.
I have so many ideas for this coming year and am still figuring out how to structure it all.
It's not easy is it? Esp when one has so many things that are enjoyable.
Meanwhile, I will write as I can and read, prayer, think about things, and 
then do it all again.....


Zena said...

The dinner sounds so delicious and what a beautiful dinner setting.

karen said...

hope you have a nice time with your family and aren't they lucky you saw the wallet in time? I do a visual sweep of a house whenever I leave, just in case I forget anything :)