Tuesday, February 18, 2014


It's been a snowy unexpected weekend.

 The storm kept us from driving the 1 plus hour
for the Feast of the Presentation.

We had a lot of plans on how last weekend would go.
The storm changed everything.

I watched part of what my husband and I now call
Not-the-Hobbit Part I.
It was sadly not only Not the Hobbit but I found it 
incredibly disturbing... so I am still recovering from that;
I apparently forgot how very sensitive I am to visual images and
am not at all desensitized to such violence as many who
watch movies regularly are.
Lord have mercy.

Well, we had a quiet Valentines Day at home in the snow.
We had Monday together and worked on things. 

I could not sleep well last night and so took these pictures.

I love dried and drying roses.
I wish I could capture how beautiful it was,
the snow falling outside,
the candles bright by the icons, 
the lampadas beaming with gold flame.


Laura said...

You have made a beautiful home, Elizabeth! I love the last photo in this post: the icons, the candles and lampada, the roses and plants, the string of pretty lights.

GretchenJoanna said...

Not-The-Hobbit is a good name for that movie. After we watched it, my husband was willing to have us read the book together (his first time) and he was very happy to find that he DID like Tolkien. :-)