Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ideas for the six weeks of Great Lent

  • Here are a few ideas for Great Lent
  • that I have had this year.
  • I welcome all ideas, comments and other thoughts on
  • how we can do our Lenten Journey.
  • I hope to be doing some posts on books for Great Lent
  • and other places for encouragement, learning and inspiration for our
  • Lenten Journey.
  • *
  • Here is what I have so far:

  • The six weeks of the Great Lent are:
    1. First Sunday (Sunday of Orthodoxy),
      • Forgiveness Sunday
        • ask forgiveness to family, friends
        • Be at peace with everyone as much as possible
        • Pray prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian
        • Consider doing things like:
          • limiting or stopping watching TV, listening to distracting music, having a time each day or certain days a week for 15 or 20 minutes of silence, read a spiritual book, book a time for going to Confession, being off FB, limiting computer time,
          • Fasting but with humility
      • Blessing of Icons
    2. Second Sunday (St. Gregory Palamas),
      • Put out icon of St. Gregory
      • Read a homily St. Gregory wrote
      • Read about St. Gregory’s life
    3. Third Sunday (Adoration of Cross),
      • Read the prayer to the Cross
      • pray part or all of the Akathist to the Life-Giving Cross
      • We are halfway there… think of ways that you can gain refreshment and strength for the rest of the way
      • Think about how you or you and your family are going to do Holy Week… start planning for this, including what you will need to have ready for Pascha (practically speaking: clothes, baskets, food, recipes, hotel if needed), plan for going to confession before Holy Week
    4. Fourth Sunday (St. John of Climacus),
      • Put out icon of the Ladder if you have not done so and own one
      • read part of St. John’s book, the ladder of divine ascent or about this book
      • Read this homily about the Ladder and St. John
    5. Fifth Sunday (St. Mary of Egypt),
      • Put out icon of St.Mary of Egypt
      • Read or listen to the story of St. Mary’s life
    6. Palm Sunday through Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.
      • Pray for God’s mercy in Holy Week as many temptations can arise
      • Go to the services of Holy Week
      • Be at peace as much as possible, judge no one


GretchenJoanna said...

I love these posts on the pre-Lenten period and now, ideas on how to benefit from each week. You have inspired me to write down my own plans so that I don't get bogged down by trying too much and doing too little....

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

You are so organised!

Martha said...

I know you might not really NEED this, but last year, our homeschool group did these Pascha Passports ( and we're doing them again this year....really very helpful, especially for kids (ages 5-12) to know what's going on during Great Lent and to keep on task with reading the Bible, fasting, going to Liturgy as often as possible, giving alms, etc.

elizabeth said...

Martha: that is really neat!!! I would love to hear more about this... :)