Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Around the house...homemaking...

I have been thinking about...
that is, how do we keep our homes running smoothly?
There can be so many stresses...what can we do to 
make things go more easily?
I struggle with this a lot...
how do I best use my time?
Esp. when my time is so open ended?
I've been thinking about the schedule I had made for 
the Nativity Fast.
I felt so much more excited and focused with 
this schedule in place...
Things seemed to fall apart after Christmas...
partly I got really tired...after doing so much...
and traveling to Ottawa and my time there was 
peaceful but tiring... and so it went...
I am hoping that I am on the upswing of this now;
I've had a lot of up and down days...
Today was a good day though.
I had a check list of the few things I wanted to get done.
I wrote it so that it was reasonable for me to get done,
without being overwhelming.
I fixed a few kids books from our church kids basket 
that were in need of repair;
I did laundry; took a small walk; ate a good lunch with
salad... the main thing of my day is that I was 
actually doing things that I meant to do.
So I am going to be pondering how to make 
this happen more.

this is a belated picture of my friend's 
most wonderful cheese ball...
I still need the recipe!! :)

I have had this purse since my work in the 
corporate world as a librarian;
it seems so long ago;
it will be six years ago this summer since I got this bag;
Lord have mercy, what a lot has happened between then and now!
Anyway, I got this purse handmade in the byward market in Ottawa...
when all seemed hopeful and I just landed my permanent job...
not knowing that I would have that job for such a short time...I got it
with a friend... I had wanted a purse that could be life long...
I went to get it fixed (the one zipper was going)
and it was repolished, etc...
It looks new now; I am sure if I keep caring for it, it really will
last my life time...
of course I know I just got my red purse...
I am glad for this purse also; it is going to be my traveling 
knitting bag as well... it's wonderful also...
anyway; I now have all that I need in that department!
I've been thinking about this again,
the want of getting things.
I have a long ways to go, but see some small progress,
at least in some areas...
I have so much to be thankful and grateful for... 

Last week as St. Xenia's Day.
She is such a wonderful Saint.
Known for helping people find: 
spouses, work, housing;
she helps families! 
Here's the Akathist to her in English.

I still have my Christmas things up.
It is tradition to keep them up till Candlemas,
as it is called in the West...
which for us is this Saturday.
We are due for some bad weather on Thursday,
so they are saying; prayers for wisdom on travel 
for us for the Feast later that week are much

Did I ever show you my new canisters??
There they are in all there glory...
The new ones are the ivory coloured ones;
a belated wedding gift we got at Christmas time this year!
I store various GF flours in there; 
they are working wonderfully.

Soon I will be moving this Christmas
candle stand back to it's place,
and changing the table cloth.
Lenten icons will be put out, 
my red lampadas for fast periods,
I will be off FB for the most part;
it will be a time of extra church services,
Lenten cooking, prayers, 
focused spiritual reading...
I am slowly gearing up for this and am 
looking forward to it, 
thank God....
God is with us in all times and seasons.
May we have God's mercy with us all the days of our lives!


E Helena E said...

Yes! "The main thing of my day is that I was actually doing things that I meant to do. So I am going to be pondering how to make
this happen more." I need to do this also, and make reasonably sized "to do" lists as well. Thank you for posting the Akathist to St. Xenia. Nice to see the shoes and the familiar purse! Hugs.

Xenia Kathryn said...

Yes, thank you for the link to St. Xenia's akathist! I keep thinking I already own a paper copy, but when I go to look for it I can never find it. :D

I hope you are well, Elizabeth!

Apseed I said...

I also look forward to Great Lent and Maslenitsa before it.

Anna said...

Yes! I liked those Nativity fast lists too. I was ill for most of the fast, and so the nice decorating, baking, special things to mark saints' days and so on fell mostly by the wayside, but even the act of making up the list in the first place helped me to think through the feasts and special events of the season in advance, and to have the church calendar more to the front of my mind throughout the season, and I certainly went to church more than I might have otherwise (ahem). It should be possible to make up more lists for other seasons, since they are so well defined even if not the same number of days every year - Theophany to the beginning of Lent, Lent to Pascha... I think various calendar apps could be made to help a lot with this. hmm, the wheels are turning! more to be said on this topic...

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I need to re-start making lists too. Thanks for the reminder - and I love your new canisters!