Thursday, February 20, 2014

Getting Ready

Priestly visits this weekend, 
house blessing scheduled.
I changed out my festive clear lampadas
for the red lampadas that I use during fasts.

I catch the burnt bits in cheesecloth
when saving and cleaning the oil from
the lampadas.

Cleaning them I always take special care to do
as the oil is seen as blessed oil by virtue
of it burning in lampadas by icons of Christ,
His Mother, the Angels and/or the Saints.

I've written on how I do this before,
the cleaning and preparing lampadas.

They are so beautiful when newly cleaned,
with new wicks and fresh or refreshed oil! :)
I would love to hear how you tend your 
oil lamps, lampadas or candles used in prayer.
I am so glad Lent is coming.
I am working on a schedule for myself for Lent.
May God have mercy on us and bring us
to a fruitful Lent!

1 comment:

Mary G said...

Love this lampada idea ... we've always used candles, but I think I'd like to try your way ...

Hugs and prayers for a blessed and fruitful Lent!

Mary G.