Friday, February 21, 2014

Lenten Meals....

First, I wanted to show you the beautiful 
wine bottle of the Romanian wine
we used for our belated Christmas dinner...

This is a picture of a dinner we had a while back;
our Lenten meals often look like this... 
I have since changed out my Christmas table cloth
and candle display.
Soon we will be having lots of veggies and the like
for Lent.
What are some of your favourite Lenten meals?
I would love to hear!


Martha said...

What a beautiful bottle! Are you going to keep it (as a vase) or have you recycled it? ♥ I have started a grocery list of items to buy next week, in preparation of Great Lent. Chia seeds, almond milk, quinoa, rice, apples, oranges, bananas, frozen raspberries, mango, coconut oil, Trader Joe's green plant juice
(it's $3.99 for 64 oz. here):

Anna said...

I eat lots of hummus most of the time, but even more in Lent.And the best recipe I've found so far is this one Skinning chickpeas sounds ridiculous but OH MY, does it ever work! A labour of love - and perfect for while you're watching or listening to something, or just chatting. I would give this hummus as a valentine.