Monday, February 24, 2014

House Blessing!

Mr. Husband and I had our house blessing yesterday night!
It was a really lovely time.
This year we went again to our dear friend's place
afterwards for dinner...

It was Meatfare Sunday and we enjoyed
a beef soup with mushrooms and lentils,
some of the mushrooms being from
where St. Benedict is from...

I brought the salad, golden raisins and crumbled goat cheese;
they provided the dressing :) 

The soup was very lovely...  

We brought the fresh flowers to the home... :)

It was a lovely dinner.
I am very inspired by them often,
in their graciousness and hospitality.  

They share in the same love of beauty...
And they served sliced roast beef with onions and carrots,
wonderful scalloped potatoes 
and a lemon cake with blueberries that was just lovely.
It was a wonderful last evening of having meat the last time
before Pascha!
It was doubly wonderful for me as last year
I was ill with mono and it is nice to be a bit stronger this year.
I am working on some posts on Great Lent that I hope to get up soon.
I have been thinking on this and 
on what ways I have found best to approach this 
greatest of fasts.
Meanwhile, to all my Orthodox friends,
blessed butter week!
It is now the week of blini, sour cream, milk, and butter! :)


Martha said...

What nice is customary for your priest to go to several homes in one day and to have others join in? ♥ I hope you have a great week, too. I am thinking of making a cheesy lasagna.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

How lovely!

elizabeth said...

Thank you Martha!! I am not sure what is customary for our priest but since we are all in the same area, over 1 hour drive from church, it made sense to do them together and it is a very special time of fellowship and shared hospitality!

author said...

That salad bowl! I love it! Is it yours? Where did you get it?

elizabeth said...

I know, that salad bowl is very beautiful!! It is my friend's whose home we were at and I asked her also! it was one of her wedding gifts :)