Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our Unexpected Valentines Day Dinner

Originally we were going to be near our
far-away church on Friday.
The snow storm changed this,
so we were cozy and warm at home.

I fried up some mushrooms,

reheated some chicken I had roasted the day before,

and we shared a large baked potato.

A nice green salad, water to drink... 

While we were enjoying dinner,
I had mixed up in the pan a quick
brownie mix that baked while we were eating...

So for dessert we had hot out of the oven 
brownie with French vanilla ice cream! 

We also enjoyed a chocolate spice tea.

I used my finest festive China...
not only was it Valentines Day but the 
Eve of the Feast of the Presentation... 

It was a lovely dinner and dessert!

The present I was so excited to give my 
beloved Mr. Husband!

First American Edition of 
CS Lewis'
The Four Loves.

I was especially excited to find this book
at a reasonable price as when
Mr. Husband and I first met on that
beautiful unseasonably warm Canadian Thanksgiving weekend,
we listened to my recording of CS Lewis reading this book.
It was a lovely day.
I am so thankful! 


Anonymous said...

What a lovely day! We don't usually do anything for Valentines. Maybe a card. This year Colin took me out for supper (Chinese buffet) on Saturday and then we went to see Monuments Men (really good).


October Rose said...

What a special gift, and perfect for Valentine's day! :)

author said...

I love your dishes! And what did Mr. Husband give you?

GretchenJoanna said...

That was truly a LOVEly Valentine's Day feast - the book was an inspired gift!

I've been wondering why I miss so many of your posts until days have gone by, and I just discovered that I didn't have your blog in all the proper categories in my new Feedly Reader. But I've fixed it so I should keep up better now. :-)