Thursday, February 06, 2014

Second NYC GF Cheesecake

I made my second NYC Cheesecake.

This time I used the tart shell crust.

From the Gluten-Free Baking Classics that Ginny 

I mixed up more of the GF brown rice flour mix.

It's really easy.

I shaped the tart crust in the 

I made this cheesecake last Friday
to eat for our Monday belated Christmas feast.
It takes 5 of the 8 oz cream cheese boxes!

I am thankful for my egg separator. 

I forgot to add the ingredients one at a time
so it was a bit of a hurried cheesecake.

It was not as uniformly creamy because of this...

This time the cheesecake did crack on top...
I am wondering if it was because of the difference in 
how I mixed it or if it was because I used the tart crust,
which did not go all the way up and was a much lighter
delicate crust,
so it would not of helped hold the cheesecake in a 
very firm way inside of the springform pan.

None the less,
it was a lovely cheesecake,
more summery and light because of the 
lighter tart crust.
An enjoyable finish to our belated Christmas dinner!

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