Monday, June 25, 2012

Very Good Weekend

Orthoman and I have gotten a lot done!
And my new church,
Orthoman's church,
gave us a lovely party to
celebrate our engagement.
It was wonderful
relaxed and full of great conversations.
Not to mention great food!

Even the kid's animals got food :)
And my Orthoman surprised me with
my first bouquet of red roses!
We put them in a vase that was our
first gift as a couple.
I go back to Ottawa on Wednesday.
Ottawa is a bit more stressful of a place
for me with all the job transition
at work and the need to purge and move my things.
Not to mention saying goodbye.
But, there are also many good things in Ottawa
for the remainder of my time there...
times with my church family,
time with my very dear friends and doing
some special things with them
before I marry and move.
I keep thinking of the prayer for
God to protect the joyous.
And that every hilltop has two valleys...
But Christ promises to never leave or abandon us
no matter what befalls us.
I am also thinking a lot about one of the nuns at
the Greek monastery I go to in Quebec
said to me months ago when I
was first getting to know my Orthoman -
she said that if it is from God it should come naturally
and freely and to not worry
as it would unfold easily.
I don't remember her exact phrasing but my memory
of it is about God's grace making everything
smooth and flowing like water...
when I remember that all can be seen as from God
and relax and be with God in today
then the worry drops low and I am free
to let things come as they come.
My Oma always told us
take it as it comes.


Donna Witek said...

Yay, lovely news! Positive visits with your love in his (and soon to be your) home are always a blessing during the transition of having a long distance engagement. Allow this time to refresh you so you can return to Ottawa not dreading the increase in stress, but rather prepared to face it along with your blessings there. :)

Emily H. said...

Or every valley has two hill tops. ;)
Blessings on your move!

Mat. Emily said...

I love the picture of Little Man's dog!