Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday in mid-June

So survived another day of work.
Two of the other colleagues who are on
contract are finishing this week
and next week.
I fly down South this Wednesday
so I will not see them again.
They were kind presences
in the work place
and I will miss them.
And I will come back God willing next week Friday
(I work tomorrow) and will be at a small
retirement lunch for another
library staff who has been
there many years and
who is a joy to all.
These changes I know I am feeling
more acutely as I slowly
give away my some of my belongings
and prepare to marry my wonderful
Orthoman and start a new life in
a new city, state and country.
Today I replenished my supplies at a nearby
grocery and was chatting with the cashier about
my travels and she asked if I would
have culture shock leaving
and going to the States...
I got some faux pearl earrings there
that I hope will look nice
on me.
Sometimes it is simple little things...
I know that with all the travel I am doing,
work and transitions,
that my immunities are a bit down and
I have to watch out for burnout.
I am taking lots of vitamins
and got a new water bottle so I am sure to
stay hydrated.
Thank God I have friend and a great naturopath
to have advice about these things from.
I am still recovering from
giving away my IKEA dishes, silverware,
pots and pans...
I am getting new dishes and silverware from
my family for my wedding so it really
is no virtue of mine to give away
my other dishes
but wow,
what a change.
My dishes of 7 years are now in someone
elses' apartment...
It is good though and I am so glad
to be able to help my friend's
She gave me date squares as a thank you gift,
from Quebec.
They are the best I have had in a long time!
I brought them to work to share...
I managed to re-clean my apartment
since things got disheveled after giving away
my bookshelf last Friday
and wow,
it feels good to have a de-cluttered apartment,
once again...

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