Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday of All Saints

The icon at the back of church
with all the Saints in white
was really beautiful.
Wonderful sermon about
forgiving quickly
going to confession
repenting regularly
fasting during the fasts.
God willing I hope to go to the
Greek monastery to be at a baptism of a
good friend's young baby boy.
A friend and I talked about the need
to have a heart of thanksgiving
no matter the circumstances.
It is so easy to get derailed by
life's unexpected happenings
and I see how much we are daily
needing God's mercy...
Soon I will be back visiting
my Orthoman.
Lots of decisions to be made about my move
down South and what to keep
how to move
and when to do it.
It will all work out,
just a question of which way it will work out.
Now I just have to get going on having
Cleo go to the vet ASAP
so that she is ready to come with me...


Martha said...

I wish you had a photo of the icon...I was really confused by the icon in our church, never saw it before and it had Greek writing on it, so I couldn't read it. Usually the icon in the center of the church is one that I've seen before and understand why it's there.

margaret said...

Blessed travels, Cleo!