Saturday, June 09, 2012

enjoying the quiet

I find I crave a lot of silence
and quiet days or part of days.
Times of transitions do this to me.
I am reading the Psalms a lot this summer;
this has become my only reading
and it is a balm in the midst of all the
I am so happy that I can help out one of my
dear friend's sister's child;
moving to do more schooling in Ottawa;
I am giving her hopefully a lot of my
This makes my heart SO GLAD
that somehow in this crazy time
I am helping someone.
Sooner than I thought
I hope to say
that a lot of my furniture that I am not bringing with me
will be taken and used in a new home.
It is an odd feeling
giving away one's belongings
but it is also very good;
I have done it before
when I left BC years ago now
and I am glad that this will be working out.

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