Thursday, June 14, 2012

Made it through my 4 day work week

Thank God!
I made it through today.
I rescheduled Cleo's vet visit
so that there is more time for furniture and
dishes pick up, etc.
I got boxes
and spent tonight packing up my
and dresser
while talking to loved ones on the phone.
It was a good evening.
While I was packing I turned around
and there was Cleo exploring
one of the empty dresser drawers!
That's my Cleo...
My nose dripped again today.
This is often the first sign
that I am getting a cold.
I took tons of vitamins
and am trying to drink a lot.
I just have so much going on right now...
A blessing that it is all good things
but still,
Thank God.
My new phrase that I was thinking of today is
a thankful heart is a light heart.

1 comment:

Victoria said...

I love the adventure of moving, but the logistics suck.
good luck my friend!