Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Many hours in a day

Long but good day.
Friend's niece is going to get furniture
this Friday -- and dishes.
Can you believe I am giving away my
IKEA dishes?
I am.
I am learning to de-clutter...
and Orthoman agreed that we can get new dishes
at some point
if the need is there...
I packed my special icon shelf of
treasures that will go in my carry-on suitcase
and some of my icons.
I am going to bring a few family pictures
as well my next trip.
I packed up half of my beloved
Orthodox book collection.
(The shelf unit is being handed over
this Friday).
I still need to empty my dresser and my desk.
Giving those away too.
It's actually WONDERFUL as now
I will have spaces for boxes to go because
the furniture will be gone.
I see this as a huge mercy of God.
Moving to this smaller space
and having, well, really...
too much stuff for this size apartment
was incredibly overwhelming,
to the point of feeling emotional pain.
So this is really good.
I am working day and night...
since I worked a full 8 hour day today at work
as well as packing and talking to my
beloved Orthoman.
The temps at work have been from hot to cold
in the building
and I feel again like I could be on the verge
of illness.
This often happens to me with weather changes.
The temp on Monday in that building
lead to over 500 complaints in one day.
So I am not exaggerating.
here's to hoping that I sleep well and don't get sick.
I fly this coming Wednesday early evening.
My weekend is overflowing with events.
Asking your prayers.
Thanking God for His mercy.


mamajuliana said...

Keeping you in prayer during this happy yet still tiring and stressful transition time...I admire you for being able to let go of things.

elizabeth said...

thanks so much for your prayers MamaJuliana! I need them!

I went through a period earlier where I was sad to lose some of my furniture but when I realized I could give it to my good friend's niece instead of someone I don't know etc it was a lot easier.

And Orthoman bought me a beautiful buffet from IKEA so I really have nothing to complain about! :)