Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Transitions, transitions, transitions

Beautiful sun-filled day today.
Back at work
found out that another long term employee
of the library I work in is retiring.
So big changes in the library I work at.
Wow, going back to work after a month
of travel and being away...
I was tired today,
to say the least.

A lot of good things today though,
fast free week :)
Orthoman and I's rings are coming soon
(i.e. done being engraved)
and our apartment is really taking shape.
I go to see it in a couple of weeks.
I had a wonderful phone conversation
with my Grandma
and yesterday with a long-time friend
so these are also blessings.
Poor Cleo is a bit confused about all
of my routine and schedule changes.
She needs some extra TLC...
Praying for so many;
we all go through such trials in this life.
God is with us
in the midst of them.

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