Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday, Sun with humidity

I got my walk last night after all.

Lovely bee on the above flower... :)

Here I am, living in Canada all these years...


Well, more news:

got invited to TWO more interviews,

both next week.

Library related jobs.

When I rains it pours.

It was wonderful to be in church this morning.

And tonight I ended up making spaghetti.

Had some frozen in the freezer :)

Happy Feast everyone!

PS: thanks for your prayers for job interviews!

This makes 6 interviews so far and

I was promised another one in the next while...

so we may be up to 7 soon!


RW said...

good on you.
keep breathing.
hope you are able to sleep better.

mamajuliana said...

Happy Feast Day and yeah for the interviews!

How is Cleo doing?