Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday - St. Elisabeth - and Interview Prep

Today is St. Elisabeth the New Martyr's day!

St. Elisabeth's name's Saint is

St. Elizabeth the Mother of St. John the Baptist...

which is cool because it means that St. Elizabeth the New

and I share the same name's day Saint :)

Cute casual tea pot and dish; someone left it outside their

place and I snapped a picture...

Speaking of tea, I am really wanting to have tea parties.

My cousin called the other night and I

told him all about my various interviews

and he commented that it could be boring

and I realized that this is true.

Crazy to think, since I still don't have stable work,

but I've had so many interviews in the last year

that the nerves and interview prep does get a bit old

after a while.

But I am seeking to be thankful.

Actually I think I am inwardly dragging about it all;

I find it hard to get ready for another interview;

I think in someways it just seems so, well, futile.

I know I have to fight such thoughts

but after so many interviews without job offers

it feels like a race that I just can't win or finish.

I have a feeling all 4 of my last interviews will be 'no'...

3 of them already were such;

Clearly I am in need of more prayer (yours and mine please)

and continual work on my outlook / attitude.


I really would like another tea party

and, while I am dreaming, another research contract;

I do love this work a lot...


I think I could like the job I am interviewing for too

but, well, pray for me,

if you pray...

interview is tomorrow morning...

I will work on my thanksgivings tonight;

I need thankfulness like a fish needs water!


E Helena E said...

I keep on praying and believing that somehow! Hope to see you to you.

Cristina said...

You have my prayers, dearest Elizabeth! May God give you the joy you need! Love and hugs!

mamajuliana said...

Praying for you!

elizabeth said...

thanks everyone... by your prayers...