Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday - Beautiful Sunshine

Sunshine without as much humidity.

I am loving it.


I went for a mock interview today and it went well.

As I was walking there,

in the earlier morning hours,

I was struck by a thought...

I've been overwhelmed a lot for different reasons

as of late,

some I blog about, others not so blogable,

having nothing to do with the blog world, etc.

But this thought came to me...

a reminder of sorts I think...

I have a choice:

I can treat the unexpected as either an

opportunity or a threat.


This really helped realign my perspective.


I am so thankful to say that I finally got confirmation that my

second interview next week will be on Friday.

This gives me time to prepare for both of them and do

the research work for my contract.

So I am really thankful about this.


Am on the look out for new summer salads to make

(other than my chicken salad : ) ).

Any suggestions?


Anything new going in your world that is giving you concern or joy?

1 comment:

RW said...

I like the new perspective.
We are back contemplating moving... for a number of reasons.

apartment living has its advantages.

but, I would be giving up green space.
so if you keep us in your prayers.

there is no right or wrong decision.
we just need to make one. and then move forward.