Thursday, July 28, 2011

The City I Love


I love it here.


Tonight I talked with an older Indian woman

wearing a Sari

and heard about her life...


It was really nice.


I now know that I have another second round interview

on August 15th-

new calendar Dormition.

Last year I was at the monastery for their feast;

this year I will be trusting in their prayers

as I interview...


I miss home and really wish I could visit.

But instead I will be thankful that I have a home to miss.

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Anna said...

Congratulations on the further interviews! Best wishes - it's wearing, and I do hope one of them comes good for you. I know what you mean about missing home - it's hard living so far away and seeing family so seldom. But I too appreciate having a family and a home that I love and miss!