Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good news on a Wednesday

Just found out I will have a second round

interview in mid-August.

I liked this place...


So I have at least two more interviews to go...

plus my contract work that I am still doing.


Had insomnia the last days;

last night was better.

I am still tired though...


To all who pray for me - thank you.


Have you had any good news? struggles?

would love to hear.


DebD said...

That's wonderful news, Elizabeth! continued prayers.

E Helena E said...

Good news to hear!

amy said...

Yea! Glad to share in your good news, Elizabeth.

The good news from my end is that Izzy (my niece) just received her new prosthetic leg ~ it's pink and she loves it! Glory to God for all things †

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone!!

Amy - we had a moleben for healing yesterday and I had Isabel on the list! :)