Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thrusday, St. John, St. Elizabeth and St. Zachariah

Today (o.c.) is

the feast of St. John the Baptist's nativity.

It was on this day that my spiritual father

gave me my name Saint,

St. Elizabeth,

the Mother of St. John the Baptist.

So it is a special day for me.


This morning I found out that I did not get one of the jobs

I interviewed for.

To be honest I am concerned that I won't get

any of them.

Job seeking and interviewing is a real

roller coaster ride.

Thank God I have my small contract.


I am glad that God is merciful and that even

when we feel afraid,

that He loves us and is inviting us to

trust in His provision

and to not worry.


I am glad that God loves us and that we are cared for

so much by Him.


Marfa said...

May St. John and St. Elizabeth listen to your prayers and intercede before God on your behalf today! Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog...prayers for my dad are the best we can do!!!

Mimi said...

Happy Name's Day!

Beth said...

Blessed day to you. I too am named after St. Elizabeth. When Jared and I became catechumens, our priest at the time told me that "I was now Elizabeth after the mother of St. John the Baptist." How prophetic his choice proved to be in my life. Peace and goodness to you.

h west said...

Happy Name Day!!!! What a great story.