Friday, July 15, 2011

Prayer Needed - Request For Help

Fr. Father Vasile (Basil in English)

needs our prayers.

Cristina, who has been a treasured blog

friend to me over the last two years,

knows this situation personally.

Fr. Vasile is not only a dedicated priest

but a father of 7 children, 5 boys, 2 girls.

All 5 boys are going to be priests or

have already entered the priesthood.

Fr. Vasile has a cancer in his liver and

needs a liver transplant.

Cristina and I emailed about this and so I can quote her directly:
Fr. Vasile is in "Germany right now in a clinic, the only one in Europe where this type of liver transplant can be done, but the money is not enough, they will have to pay an expensive bill but do not have this money. Your prayers are certainly heard by our merciful God and if you have the kindness to post on your blog this prayer (or/and financial) request I am sure it will be very useful."


I (Elizabeth) was really touched by reading the account of

this priest and his family - Cristina quoted it in her blog from

You can read a loose translation of this through


As I have not only very dear friends in Ottawa

from Romania

but also my sister Rebecca and her husband Mark

live in Romania where they

care for orphans.

So I know from first hand accounts how situations

where illness are treatable

but not at all affordable

to most Romanians.

From the explanation of Fr. Vasile's situation,

they have already had bills of

10,000 Euros and 12,000 Euros

This is a HUGE amount for anyone in Romania.

To show you from this converter:
1 Euro (equals) Romanian Lei 4.2653 RON as of 7/15/2011
100 Euros (equals) Romanian Lei 426.53 RON as of 7/15/2011
10000 Euros (equals) Romanian Lei 42,653.18 RON as of 7/15/2011
I asked my one of my Romanian friends

who is currently in Ottawa what an average salary in Romania is for

one year.

A year's salary in Romania averages to 5,000 Euros.

A priest's salary is likely to be less than this.

So the cost of this treatment is over 4 people's

salary for 1 year.

If there is anyone who can help financially,

I know this will be greatly appreciated.

For us who are not able to help financially,
we can pray for this holy priest, Fr. Vasile.


Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers, O Lord Jesus Christ,

have mercy on us and save us!


Matushka Anna said...

I will be praying. Lord have mercy!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My prayers too.....Kyrie eleison.

Sarah Euphemia said...

Lord have mercy. Prayers. How wonderful to be blessed with so many children entering the priesthood!