Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday - Sun and Storm

Beautiful morning liturgy.
I finally made my St. Phanourios bread
the recipe I used (see link above) was slightly different,
as it called for zest of 1 lemon and cinnamon as well...;

it turned out well and my priest graciously blessed it

with the small prayer that is the book I have

on this Saint.

This was a real gift to me, the making of the bread and

the small prayer that was prayed.
I am very grateful.

I am enjoying very much the book on

Elder Moses' younger brother.

I am finding both Elder Anthony and Elder Moses,

in the reading of their life stories,
to be very restful and instructive.
I thank God for this day;
even for tonight when we had a strong storm
with wind, lightening and rain,
it gave me time to continue reading about
Elder Anthony!
How has your day been? Any blessing to report? Worries?


Martha said...

Thank you for day has been really good...we had Fr Daniel Marshall and his family here in Cincinnati (visiting from Goshen, Indiana)! Honoring the Royal Martyrs in church today by decorating the icon with some flowers from our garden and LOTS of people in our church!!! Your St. Phanourios bread sounds very good. It's been so hot here...I kinda wish it would storm and cool things off a bit.

elizabeth said...

Marfa, that sound so wonderful!! I read the Royal Martyr's story this morning before liturgy; such a holy story! :)

Yes, the St. Phanourios bread was very good - if you would like the recipe in full ... just let me know :)

Matushka Anna said...

The storm itself sounds like something I would consider a blessing! We got our "storm" this afternoon - it consisted of rain that only came down while we were trying to grill hamburgers. Father and I stood over the grill with umbrellas and both of us smell like smoke now! At least hail would have been a little exciting. (:

And by the way, Maria at Flowers of the Field just posted a link where you can go browse photos of the Royal Martyrs online!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Mat. Anna - I had not read Maria's blog yet - found her via your blog - thanks! Have now subscribed via feed reader :)

Yes, the storm was a blessing, though so dramatic - blew my metal small deck chairs to the edge of the deck and knocked my fairly heavy table down... worried about my neighbour's plants; it was really some wind! I was worried for a minute that it would blow my small window AC unit inside my living room! but God is good and so far all is safe and well...