Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday with a mix of clouds and storm

This is my friend's cat.

She figured out the only place that was not safe for her.

How do cat's do that?

Pretty cute and all

but we soon shooed her inside so that she

did not get too comfortable and

jump from three floors up.

Of course not before I got pictures ;)

Picture of Cleo so she won't feel left out.


Well I would like to know why it keeps storming

in the evening hours when I want to go out and

take a walk.


Worked from home today.

I am glad for the work,

really and truely

but well, I wish I could work there.

I don't always like being home

by my lonesome.


But I know what I need,

other than dinner and that walk,

I need to tell God all of the things I am thankful for.

The sure cure for a small case of

at home too much and a little bummed.

This Akathist is wonderful for it:

It is also called the

Akathist of Thanksgiving.

Fr. Stephen has posted a translation of it here

and, well, just writing about the very title of it

has cheered me up already!




is the Feast of St. Peter and Paul

and this means:

I can have MEAT and ICE CREAM again.


I have a beef roast in my freezer -

anyone have suggestions for a summer dish for this?

Maybe some sort of roast beef sandwhich?

Any and all comments welcome :)


Of course that it is the feast tomorrow

also means morning Liturgy.

Yay and double Yay.

So lots to be thankful for.


Victoria said...

my favourite thing with roast beef is to crock pot it with some broth and veggies. gravy if you can, and yorkshire pudding.. is. the. best.

Matushka Anna said...

Joyous Feastday!

(And I LOVE the pics of the kitties!)