Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two weeks goes so quickly

My two weeks "off" from school are almost gone.
Tomorrow my friend, her two young boys
and I
hope to go to the monastery.
I had my Pascha Party.
Cleo did not want to be left out!

Notice my new IKEA 365 dessert tray?

I have been waiting at least 8 years

to have a three-tiered tea tray.


Finally, this week, the tray was in stock!

I really love giving dinner parties.

I wish I could do it once a week!

Eating with friends with a beautiful table setting

and tall candles,

talking about a myriad of things,

is such a treat.

And one of the guests brought his violin and treated us

to some beautiful music.

I am already thinking of an after Pentecost dinner party!

The flowers are out!
I hope to take lots of pictures again this summer.
I really love creating beauty,
whether in a good dinner party,
photos I share here
or by going on a walk with a friend...
I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed about French
and that by the end of the summer,
I will be needing a job...
Am trying to do the best I can,
make the best decisions possible and
live in the present,
trusting God with my life now
and in the days to come.
Christ is Risen!!


Juliana said...

I LOVE that Cleo insisted on being included. :-)

God Bless,

elizabeth said...

Thanks Juliana! Yeah, it was too funny... one of my friends could not come until later in the evening and Cleo stayed in his chair until he came! as good as could be, not even begging... just wanting to be near by!

margaret said...

My great-aunts both had china tiered cake trays to match their sets. They are so cute and Avonlea-ish, it's amazing to think Ikea stocks them but perhaps tastes didn't change so much in Sweden. It's nice that Cleo is so sociable. I used to have a cat, Sooty, who always had to sit at the table with my friend and I when we drank tea and sometimes she added a meow to the conversation. I like the pink candles, they're a very nice spring-time touch.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Margaret! The IKEA here can barely keep these trays in stock... advertised them over the Christmas time and they flew off the shelves... I think with the huge emphasis our culture has on the home (i.e. decorating it) that three tiered-trays are part of it. Neat about your former cat Sooty! And thanks for admiring the candles... A good dinner by candle light is such a lovely thing!

Alana said...

Gorgeous table! I'm a wee bit envious and wish I had a friend who hosted such a lovely evening...and would invite such a one as myself!

elizabeth said...

thanks Alana! If you lived here, you would most certianly be invited!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Your tablesettings always look so exquisite !
Have a blessed trip to the monastery !

elizabeth said...

thanks Elizabeth! Yes, I hope it is a good trip!

DebD said...

What a lovely table setting. I'm headed out to the monastery as well.

Mimi said...

Love Cleo's inclusion!
And, congrats on the tea tray!

E Helena E said...

Look forward to hearing about the monastery. And yes, your dinner party photos are always lovely. Love to you.

s-p said...

Beautiful dinner party preparations. And you've inspired me to post a picture of our first red tomatoes (already!).

Beth said...

What a lovely party. Your table was absolutely beautiful and then to have violin music too... I too love to create beauty and have learned to embrace that my gift may indeed not be academic but be the ability to set a nice table complete with cloth napkins and candles. We like to eat dinner every night like that. Jealous of your three-tiered dessert tray. That is a great find! Christ is Risen!

PS Really enjoyed your pictures in the last post. More beauty.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Deb - are you going to the monastery in MI? I love going there... hopefully will be there again at least at Christmas time...

Thanks Mimi!

Thanks so much E-H! (put your name etc on the list for prayer fyi :))

Thanks S-P - would love to see a picture of your tomatoes!!

Thanks Beth and welcome here! How nice that you eat like that regularly... I would love to do this also...

Christ is Risen!

RW said...

we rarely have dinner parties.
BBQ's on the deck are more the norm... but I think it might be fun to have a dinner party... hmm.

Molly Sabourin said...

I adored the photos of your fancy and festive table, Elizabeth! Your dinner party (with violin music, no less) sounds (and looks) like it was truly delightful!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Molly! It was such a lovely evening!

RW - yeah... dinner parties are really nice... lots of work but the beauty of it is refreshing...