Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cleo, still the cutest cat in Canada (she told me herself you know and cats don't lie, she assured me)

Cleo, in the corner of the gold chair,
being furry and beautiful.

Clearly Cleo has found the door to summer.

Notice the tail wag.

Cleo did not feel like blogging.

Love the chair coverings?

Tres belle, n'est pas?

After spilling for the umpteenth time on my

ivory colour chair coverings,

they are done being washed and air drying on racks.

Cleo of course had to sit on the chairs

with towels draped on them.

Of course Cleo is the reason the towels are on them:

Je suis tres intelligente!
Je dois parler en français;
je dois écrire en français.
Je besoin de prière a apprendre le langue.
I am very intelligent
I must speak in French
I must write in French
I need prayer to learn the language. )
(feel free to correct if I did something wrong S.V.P.!)
Christ is Risen!


Cristina said...

Indeed He is risen! A little correction if I may: it's "j'ai besoin de prier pour apprendre LA langue" = I need to pray in order to learn the language or "J'ai besoin de vos prieres pour que j'apprenne la langue"=I need your prayers in order for me to learn the language. It sounds complicated, but it's not. French is am amazing language and an efficient exercise for the mind. Good luck learning it !

elizabeth said...

Cristina, Christ is Risen!

Thank you so very much for your comment! Welcome to my blog! I enjoyed looked at yours (used Google translator!)

Thank you for sharing this translation with me - this is really helpful. I really appreciate it very much!

Thanks again!!

Thanks again!!

Miss Tilney said...

When textiles of any sort are placed on chairs they need sat upon, a piece of fabric be it towel or serape or lace mantilla never looks its best until daintily scattered with cat fur. I can assure you, Miss Elizabeth, that if your French should take you to Paris you will find all most chic females have their cats sit on their clothes for several hours a day. It is a practice akin to having the maid wear one's pearls for several hours before wearing them out oneself. I don't know... the things a Cat needs to explain these days.

Cristina said...

Indeed He is risen! You are very welcome, Elisabeth! Good luck with your French !

Cristina said...

I followed the link you shared on Mary at Evlogia's blog, that one about Father George Calciu. Thank you so much, what a beautiful conference! I'll post the link on my blog thanks to you. And by the way, did you know he also tought French at Theology Faculty in Romania?

Cristina said...

taught French, I mean...

elizabeth said...

Hi Cristina,

glad you found this link to Fr. George... it is a really wonderful one! I think I did know this about Fr. George ... am really encouraged to be reminded of it! thank you!