Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring is springing!

I had a lovely day yesterday with a
dear friend.
We went out of downtown,
where we both live,
and did errands.

I had a gift card

and after getting what I needed from Future Shop

(a store like Best Buy in the States)

I had some money left over...

as I could not get it in cash,

I got three cheap DVDs...

all have French language options, so see

I will be studying and relaxing all at once.


One super girly movie
One fun movie from years past, also a bit sentimental,
Yep. My family never watched many movies per say
but us kids watched this one when we were teens,
and it is something I would like!
And one kind of more adult one,
Fun and almost totally free!
I realized that all of these films are from the early to mid-nineties...
My teen years as they were...
Not sure what movies of today I would like...
But I think those three choices would,
sadly or not, sum up what I like to watch.
Either sentimental old-settings "girl" movies
or Christmas / sentimental movies
mysteries of one sort or another without too much
troubling footage.
I really don't watch much in terms of movies
and do not plan on getting a TV anytime soon...
But, as one of my best friends told me on the phone,
I was in serious need of some relaxation.
The 40 days of brightness are for our renewal
so it feels fitting...
Christ is Risen!


Donna said...

All three of those movies are great! I am especially a fan of the 1995 A Little Princess. Enjoy them! Christ is Risen!

theresia said...

I hope you don't mind my little correction
"jai besoin" instead of "je besoin" (besoin is not a verb, it is a noun)To express the English idea of "I need",In French, you are actually saying: "I have a need for..."besoin" is always followed by "de".
j'ai besoin de prier (I need to pray)
j'ai besoin de prieres(I need prayer) -sorry, I don't know how to do the accent aigu on facebook-
the English idea of prayer is expressed in the plural in French
Greetings from St. Herman's

theresia said...

correction:I meant accent aigu on the blogs

elizabeth said...

Thanks Donna, I know, they are fun! He is Risen Indeed!

Theresia, thanks so much. Yes, you are right, I need to use avoir with besoin de - thanks for reminding me. I am struggling to phonetically say je and j'ai as two different sounds - I am hoping to work on this and get a better sense for hearing and speaking French. Again my sincere thanks and my greetings in return!!

theresia said...

for "j'ai' say "eh", as in "Canadian eh?" (dropped jaw)
for "je" round your lips like wanting to kiss someone (but don't close them) and push out the sound.
you may want to stand in front of the mirror to observe the position of your mouth when making both sounds and this might jog your memory when using them in conversation

Mimi said...

I've never seen the 1995 Little Princess, but loved the Shirley Temple one and read the book over and over again.

Sarah in Indiana said...

En verité il est ressuscité!

Sounds like a fun day!

I have been pondering a lot lately about your posts on singleness. I keep starting replies and abandoning them because I can't seem to find words. I'll just say I have several friends struggling with this, both male and female, and you're in my prayers.

elizabeth said...

thanks theresia! that is great advice; in general I can say both distinctly but forget that they sound different, unless I am thinking about it... I will most definelty be thinking more about my mouth when I say it, as you suggested. THANKS again!!

Thanks Mimi - the 1995 one is fun - really beautiful - one of my friends says every shot could be a great photography and I think it is true...

thanks so much Sarah. I can really tell you care and I really appreciate your prayers. Thank you.

Meadowlark Days said...

It looks like you have a lovely city to wander around in!

margaret said...

The Little Princess was one of my favourite books growing up. The BBC did an adaptation of it in 70s that I loved at the time - I guess it would be very creaky and cardboardy were I to see it again now.

The first photo of the river looks appropriately like the Seine.