Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thoughts and Prayers

I feel incredibly blessed by God
and my blog community.
We must never take anything we have been given lightly.
This is something I am seeing more and more of,
the need for vigilance in all things -
may we all be vigilant in all things,
including our wonderful community.
I have been thinking about a friend I love deeply
who is really struggling right now...
How to be a friend long distance
(I have friends coast-to-coast)
and still be a support.
Of course the biggest support is prayer
and this I must do.
If you could say a prayer today for my friend,
I would treasure this for her.
When you have friends far away
what do you do to show your love and support?
Thank God we have friends in the Saints,
as Frederica Mathewes-Green writes
about in her book on the Canon to Saint Andrew ...
we are not alone,
God, the Mother of God (our Lord Jesus Christ) and the Saints are with us.
I am gearing up for my second final exam
(each of my classes are 6 weeks)
which will be this coming Monday.
I have a lot of work to do yet,
but am feeling hopeful about it.
May God give us more deeply in our hearts
the Hope from and in Christ's Resurrection!
Christ is Risen!


theresia said...

Bonne Chance pour ton examen!
I am glad you are hopeful about the outcome of this exam.Focus, be strong, and just do the best you can.You have many friends whose prayers are with you. God Bless

RW said...

wishing you well.
sounds like you are settling in quite nicely.

Anna said...

Here is a great list of Dutch saints, or at least those with connections to the Netherlands: http://www.holytrinityorthodox.com/calendar/search.php?search=neth&jyear=2010
Best wishes for the exam! Mine is the week after next...

Mimi said...

Prayers on your exam indeed!
Indeed He is Risen!

Pres. Kathy said...

Hope your exam goes well! Wihtout prayer we would be lost!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Anna - I think I already thanked you via your blog I would hope! (my memory is failing these days)

Thanks so much Theresia!

Thanks so much for the prayers everyone...

Yes, absolutley Pres. Kathy, without prayers we are so lost!