Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The next minute of the rest of my life

Good morning!
Lots for me to do for my two weeks before my next class.
Actually I am praying about changing my French courses
just a bit.
I am hoping to take two part time courses
in place of my one class
as I want different experiences and more focus on oral and speaking.
Both the part time classes would do this
and I would have about the same amount of class time,
more flexibility and not a long commute to class
which at least for now
would be really great!
I have committed this two weeks to lots of French studies
amidst my many other errands I need to do.
I am reading slowly a non-fiction account of the first on foot journey
to the North Pole,
a book on Anne Frank
both in French.
I am listening to CBC Radio in French.
I am going to do web French learning
hope to talk in French with friends
If anyone knows some good sites for understanding
French pronouns
let me know.
Of course I will be doing my own google searches for this as well.
A friend and I are hoping to go to the Greek monastery for a day
trip next week -
I have been there once before
and hope that this will work out!
Also I need to organize a late Pascha party
and am going to IKEA this week!
Christ is Risen!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Sounds like you are making good progress !
It would be wise indeed to get plenty of experience listening to and speaking French as well as all the written work.

I hope you manage to visit the monastery again, as planned, and have your Pascha party :-)

Mimi said...

What a wonderful trip you have planned, and IKEA is always good!

And, have you thought about Live Mocha (dot com, I believe)

Michelle M. said...

I hope you are able to get everything accomplished that you endeavor to! I also hope you have a wonderful trip to the monastery, if you are able to go.

elizabeth said...

thanks Elizabeth - I feel like my progress is so slow...

thanks Mimi! Yes, I have used livemocha before, I should do so again...

thanks so much Michelle!