Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wanted to recommend to you...

I have listened to these three podcasts of Fr. Thomas Hopko
and was really blessed by them:
(Why is there suffering, why do some people seem to be holy with ease,
why do I feel neglected, does God favour others above me? All from a
well-articulated letter that a woman wrote to Fr. Thomas Hopko.
I praise God for this woman who wrote the letter,
as so many of us can benefit from what
Fr. Thomas has given us in this
and the following two podcasts
that have come after this initial one.)
(how does prayers to God work when God is all-knowing and sovereign)
(about why every Christian is a Saint but may not be canonized on a church calendar)
I thank God for teachers like Fr. Thomas Hopko!


Donna said...

"Does God Play Favorites" was perhaps life-changing for me. Not in a way that, before I heard it I was one way, and after I was some different way. But more, in that he articulates so much in that podcast I need-need-need to hear. I think I am going to make a habit of periodically re-listening to it. I highly recommend it as well!

margaret said...

If I could find earphones I could put this morning at work to some good use...

Pres. Kathy said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I will put this on my list@ Hope you do well on your test today - I am praying!

elizabeth said...

Donna - I loved that one too - really stuck me!

M - yes... that would be good use...

Thanks Pres. Kathy! I did not do super well but am determined to learn what I need to know!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I will be downloading all of these ASAP.
Thanks for the recommendation !

elizabeth said...

your welcome Elizabeth - I hope they are a blessing to you :)