Sunday, April 18, 2010

Supporting a fellow librarian

Just wanted to say a word of support for
she is doing a really cool survey for theology and technology;
I have done two of them so far -
and one for Ancient Faith Radio.
The survey is not long to do and I encourage you to do
either of these if you use either Internet resource.
As Donna is a fellow librarian,
I have great interest in what she is doing
and think this is a very worthy
library study
for the Orthodox community!
Welcome again to my blog Donna
and my best wishes for your study!
I look forward to hearing more about it
in the months to come.


Donna said...

Thank you for the support, Elizabeth! There is one other survey floating around the Orthodox internet, at, a newer site than the other two, and which serves a different function than either Fr. Stephen's blog or AFR, but which I sought to include in my study as well. I will include here the link to that survey invitation as well, just so that all three participating websites are mentioned alongside one another, here on your wonderful blog:

I thank everyone who has taken the surveys so far! And, although it goes without saying I'm sure, only feel compelled to fill these surveys out of you frequent/visit/use each respective website. But, I do think each of these websites is valuable (which is why each was invited to participate in my study), and so I can comfortably endorse all three. :)

Thank you again for your support, Elizabeth, from one fellow Orthodox librarian to another. :)

elizabeth said...

Your welcome Donna! Wonderful to support this study!!

Thanks so much for letting us know about this one too! :)

Christ is Risen!!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I did both the surveys too :-)