Sunday, April 11, 2010

Question: Orthodox Saints and Prayers for Families

This icon is the Panagia Elevtherotria (also spelled Eleftherotria)
I am posting this
on behalf of a friend I know who, like myself,
is an Orthodox convert.
I said I would ask my readers...
Who are the Saints who specialize in helping a Mother conceive a child?
My friend* is seeking to bear another child.
I know Sylvia has great posts on The Mother of God and
I know that St. Joachim and Anna are known for their intercessions
for Mother's who wish to conceive.
also has various Psalms for this
reason (and for a healthy childbirth as well).
I would think also
St. Elizabeth the Mother of the Forerunner (St. John the Baptist),
(who was barren until old age and then conceived St. John the Forerunner)
St. Hannah (who prayed in the temple for a child and conceived the Holy Prophet Samuel)
St. Xenia of Petersberg
are all powerful intercessors for this reason.
So the question I have, that I promised my friend I would ask,
is are there other Saints or specific prayers in a prayer book
or Akathists (in English)
for the conception of a child?
I would love to hear more stories or of Saints or of prayers that were done
for this purpose in the church for women who are trying to conceive.
Please share!
I know God cares so much for Mothers and the desire for children.
I look forward to hearing anything you can share about this!
Thank you!
Christ is Risen!!
(*as usual, I do not name people on my blog for sake of privacy)


margaret said...

St Irene Chrysovalantou, here's a snippet from an old discussion at Monachos.

Emily H. said...

I found this (some is a repeat of what you already posted):

To Have a Child
* St. Anna, Mother of the Theotokos
* St. Elizabeth, Mother of the Forerunner
* St. Sabbas the Sanctified of Palestine
* St. Irene Chrysovolandou
* St. Symeon the Myrrh-streamer, father of St. Sava of Serbia

For Safe Childbirth
* St. Eleutherios

For the Care & Protection of Infants
* St. Stylianos

Not having been Orthodox when I had my children I don't have much experience to share here. But I would add my St. Emmelia who is called the Mother of the Saints to your list.

Christ is risen!

elizabeth said...

thanks Margaret - that's great -

thanks also Emily - Emily, where did you get some of your list? Am curious... thanks again, much appreciated!

Emily H. said...

Are you on Facebook? There's a group there that is called "Orthodox Saints called upon for special purposes" Link:

On the "wall" people share prayer requests and some share how saints have answered their prayers. Maybe sounds like something you would be interested in?

elizabeth said...

Thanks Emily! The group was open so anyone can look at the list... so I checked it out and copied the list! Great to have and thanks for the FYI on the information source; FB sure can be a weath of information!

DebD said...

I have no information, but I will pray.

elizabeth said...

thank you so much Deb! This means a lot - I will be sure to let my friends know this.

Anna said...

re your question about Dutch saints, yes, there are lots. Do you read Dutch? They certainly turn up regularly in the English-language calendars but aren't collated,and are often put together with Belgian/Flemish/other Low Countries saints. I'll let you know what I find out...