Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lent can feel long sometimes

My fair city.

From last week's laundry.

Has the laundry machine company sent me my refund

for the machine not rinsing properly?

Not yet.

I did call however and they said they would.

Yeah. That was last week.

I am struggling a bit with French this week

and am feeling, well,

behind and unsettled.

Vespers tonight, so this is good.

Cleo thinks it is her job to wake me from naps,
gently walking on my bed
and lots of "meowing."
I feel liking I am slogging under very wet and heavy blankets.
Cleaning, eating right and prayer.
And doing my homework.
These I am seeing are my main things
I am trying to keep up with
right now.
Lord help us.


TeresaAngelina said...

Feels like Lent just started for me. Have been in such stress, that was absorbed in the stress rather than the "annual 10%" reminder of who we are. Was reminded last night to ask if this or that activity feeds my soul. We feed our bodies...that was the idea.

I like the way your tea cups stack on the shelf...very cosy!

Sarah in Indiana said...

I would say that I'm sorry you're finding Lent to be a struggle, but I suppose that's a little like saying I'm sorry you're finding night to be dark. I guess if we're not struggling we're not entering into the spirit of the fast.

elizabeth said...

Thanks TA; the tea cups (le the verre) are mini ones for play ...

thanks so much Sarah; I found your comment very encouraging! merci beaucoup!!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Sounds like Lent .....

We are on the countdown to Great and Holy Pascha, nevertheless, and the glorious, joyous brightness of the Resurrection.

My prayers.

margaret said...

It feels long because you have two struggles: Lent itself plus the French. You're fighting on two fronts rather than having all your energies to devote to Lent. But, as Elizbeth says, we are on the countdown and not only that but they days themselves know we are and will get ligher and brighter which always helsp, it's hard to feel anything but sloggy when it's constant twilight outside.
Snuggles to Miss Wonderfur.