Monday, March 15, 2010

Gentle Monday

I keep meaning to take my camera
and snap new pictures
so that pictures other than Cleo are posted.
it has not happened yet.
I do not take my purse that has my camera in it to school
(one too many good sized bags otherwise)
so no pictures.
However I do think the above picture is pretty cute and
a bit amusing.
The losing an hour time change
sure does effect people!
I took it easy today,
(which means coming home after 3 hours of French)
since my weekend full of church and one
suprise birthday party
for a dear friend...
So today was the phone calls I've been meaning to make,
dishes washed,
Now to study French again.
That French, it keeps coming up!


DebD said...

keep plugging away at your're gonna make it! We also had a super busy sunday. today was a day to rest here too.

elizabeth said...

Yes, I know... thank you! will keep working...

nice that you were resting today too!

The lenten church business plus time change makes for a tired monday!

Sarah in Indiana said...

Wow, the time change hit me hard, too! I like Fall Back so much better. :)

elizabeth said...

thanks Sarah! Yea, it really does effect us!

thegeekywife said...

I hereby nominate every Monday to be Gentle Monday! All in favor say "aye." AYE!

RW said...

We are feeling the lost hour even more since flying home yesterday... the day passed in a blur.

margaret said...

Fancy wanting to post photographs that are not Cleo...

You know how there's a City Daily Photo site? Perhaps we should start an Orthocat Daily Photo Blog where all Orthodox bloggers with cats can post their photos :)

We don't change the clocks till the last Sunday in March so I have another 10 days or so before that hits me.

elizabeth said...

sounds like a great procrastination idea to me OrthoCat blog... what should we name it?

Tu voudrais faire cet blog avec moi? :) (well after you are done your homework on friday (apres tu es finir votre devoir le vendredi)) ...

I do love Cleo pictures but really should diversify a bit... (And go outside!!)

Mimi said...

I am pulling for you!