Monday, March 01, 2010

Couldn't resist...

Another photo shoot with Cleo!
I am hoping to take more pictures outside this week,
as the forecast is for Sunshine!!
Meanwhile I am home;
my cold is dissipating slowly
my heart is a lot lighter since being done with my exam.
So I had fun doing new Cleo pictures.
For those Cleo fans, I hope you enjoy!!
And Thanks again everyone for your support;
I felt so sick with the cold,
that doing my first French final felt overwhelming to me.
Thanks for praying and caring!
I am so blessed.

Favourite spot, looking out of window.

Her elegant-ness

(similar to saying highness except for cats!)

Dreaming blue eyed beauty.


Anonymous said...

Elegant-ness... or elegance? :P

SUCH a cute kitty!

Mat. Emily said...

I am so glad that your exam is over and that you are able to stay home this week to rest and get better!!

margaret said...

She is soooooo beautiful. She makes me smile with every single photo.

elizabeth said...

thanks Marigold! Welcome here!!

Thanks Mat. Emily - yes. I am so glad as well and am feeling much better already...

thank you Margaret, I love it that you love Cleo so much! :)

margaret said...

Elizabeth, have you seen the link on my blog to Gabor, the cat who lives with Marigold?

Emily H. said...

Elizabeth, you take such lovely photographs! I like the way Cleo's fur captures the light from the window.

Mimi said...

Such amazing eyes.