Tuesday, March 09, 2010

For today

Busy day.
Left before 8 as the power was to be out during working hours.
Saw hydro trucks pull up as I was leaving.
(Hydro is what is called electric in the States FYI).
Re-made many flash cards.
Studied the flash cards.
Listened to kid books on CD in French.
Played with Cleo a little bit
(she is thrown off by my schedule change from last week to this week;
then: no school and sick with cold
now: school and cold gone).
It is so hard to be patient some days!
Today was a better day overall,
esp. compared to how I was feeling yesterday.
I am slowly trying to put various things into place
to prepare me for job searching
that will have to happen in earnest come around
mid to late Summer.

I struggle so much to pronounce and understand
French when it is spoken.
Soon am getting a new (free btw with contract at a lower price)
cell phone with mp3 player.
Hope to put French CDs onto this.
Any advice on what mp3 converter to download?
May God strengthen us by the power of His Cross
as we go through this week in Lent.
The Cross is out all week at my Church
and I look forward to seeing it again
in the middle of Church
on Friday night's presanctified liturgy.
God is with us.

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