Friday, March 26, 2010

We Made It!!!

Can you feel the excitement coming?
Lent is over!
Tonight many of us brought our tired, battered, worn selves
to the Lord in the last presanctified liturgy,
or for some,
the last Lenten Akathist to the Mother of God
and God carried us through to the end of Lent.
Already it is the liturgical morning of Lazarus Saturday,
Already we are waiting to hear Lazarus called forth from the tomb!
We can sing, Rejoice O Bethany!
We will lament the loss of our beloved
and with God
see the restoration of those lost.
Oh, that the day will come!
Come Lord Jesus, come,
restore us, dead in sin, to yourself!
Awaken us to Your Holy Resurrection!
Allow us the scent of water so that we
battered torn wilting flowers
can revive
and make beautiful your tomb
and made radiant by your Pascha!
Come Lord, hear our prayer
and come O Most Compassionate Lord,
with strength that we can open our hearts to You
and be restored,
to be the beautiful flowers to adorn Your Altar
all the days of our earthly sojourn,
to send the fragrance of Christ to our
dying world...
O Sweet Jesus,
and make all new in the light of your Resurrection!
May we hear you call,
as did Lazarus!
***picture from St. George's in Halifax, when I was there in 2008, for a wedding***


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

A Blessed Holy Week, Elizabeth !

Amy the Lion said...

Hi, I'm a long-time lurker, first-time comment poster :)

This part of your blog was beautiful, "allow us the scent of water so that we battered torn wilting flowers can revive bloom and make beautiful your tomb." Just a beautiful and inspiring image, thank you. Your words frequently inspire me as I stumble along my own path towards God. Happy Holy Week.

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Elizabeth! And to you!!!

Amy, thank you so much for your kind words and for introducing yourself to me. I thank God that my struggles put in words have helped you; God is here to heal us but the process of healing is a long journey. I am happy to meet you on this journey!

The Snowman said...

Blessed Lazarus Saturday from St. Silouan the Athonite Mission Parish! Holy Week invites us all.

elizabeth said...

thank you A!! You are in TO for the weekend! Have a blessed time!!

RW said...

Wishing you a blessed Holy Week.

Sarah in Indiana said...

Blessed Holy Week to you! I keep exclaiming to everyone that I can't believe it's here! So close to Pascha, today we can almost taste it!

Rejoice, O Bethany is one of my favorite hymns.

Pres. Kathy said...

What a beautiful church! I can;t believe Holy Week is upon us. May you have a blessed Holy Week.

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much RW, Sarah and Pres. Kathy...

Yes, I know it is a very beautiful church! Out East Canada in Halifax... was there for a dear friend's wedding almost two years ago!

Blessed Beginning of Holy Week!

Mimi said...

Rejoice Oh Bethany made me cry on Sunday, I love it so.