Sunday, March 21, 2010

5th Week of Lent 2010

This is a time I pray,

this 5th week of Lent,

of healing,

for all of us.

For me, liturgically speaking, this week

last year was when I was laid off at my last job.

As those who followed me back then know,

it was a very painful end to a very complex

job situation,

where I was a solo librarian at private business place.


I have seen this Lent be a time of healing,

and with possible blooms of further healing.

I am seeing a little more

how much God loves and that the call to repentance

is a call to be healed;

to acknowledge our brokenness, our open sores and wounds

and repent before the Lord and ask to be healed.

And it may be that our repentance

is very small.

But we are small. We are weak. We must pray and ask in God's mercy

that we will give all of our seeking and prayers

and repentance to Him,

as little as they are,

and trust that they can be come all,

like the Widow who gave a small penny to the Lord

in the temple but by doing so

put in all she had

and so her little



The precious little three year old girl
has shown significant improvement,
but is not fully healed yet.
Please keep her in your prayers
and let us thank God that she has improved already!
I wish and pray to God that all of us will have a blessed
5th week of Lent and that God will be with us
as we see how little we can do
and how much God can do with our little.


margaret said...

You are right, you always see these things very clearly - I am glad I can read you.

And I am very, very glad about the little girl. I will keep praying.

Anonymous said...

Ah, gorgeous sunshine. It's finally starting to look a bit like that over here in London as well. Thank you for writing so simply and insightfully about things. I'm not Lent's biggest fan right now (or ever?), but there seems to be a pinhole of hope after reading this :)

elizabeth said...

Well it really is not me seeing things clearly - it is that I listen to the sermons in church and remember things I have read; the Widow's Mite is from a kids book I have from my childhood written by Walter Wangerin over 20 years ago!

glad though that I could pass on the encouragment to you both! :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Continuing to pray for the little girl, and for you !