Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thinking about the end of the year

There is a lot of snow now, here;

the wind is blowing,

I can hear it by my windows

here on the 8th floor.

I read this blog post about saying goodbye to the year

and realize I need to do just that.

As many who read my blog know,

this year has been with a lot of challenges.


A year ago my job was already proving to have

great and serious difficulties;

I was really shaken,

did not even have as much courage for

the corporate Christmas party

I had to go to.


In many ways I really loved my job;

running my own library

working for the staff there,

praying for them


and caring.


I lost this job due to reevaluations in the end of Lent.

It took me sometime to realize

how I had left the that library

in a much better place

than when I began.


And so it goes.

I lost the job.

I left the apartment I loved.


But soon it will be a new year.

My life is still unfolding.


God is with us.

coming to us here, in Ottawa, this past fall.
We must remember God
and not give up hope.


thegeekywife said...

God is with us, indeed!

(had to switch it to private so email me if you'd like to continue reading it. email address is now on my profile.)

Pres. Kathy said...

God is with us all the time abd we must not forget it!