Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My New Home

I hope to get other pictures without window

screen lines.

But, what a nice snowy view!

I am still adjusting to my new place,

my stove and oven needs fixing,

boxes still packed and in the closet,

laundry hidden in bins.

You know, life after a move.

But the view out my living room window

it always brings me back to a place

of thankfulness and wonder.

Cleo was being most shy today.

She is near me as I type this;

I am loving the corner where my gold

chair now resides.

More pictures later,

when further organization is accomplished.

I found my small tea time book!
It was packed away all last year
in a box of decorations that
I had not used
in my last place.
I am so glad I still have it,
as it has high tea recipes
I have hopes of using
for a tea party in
Thank you for everyone who commented on my
"Small Steps" post,
I was quite heartened,
thank you.
My Dad is traveling tonight within Ontario,
as I write this;
the snow storms have lessened now
but if you could say a prayer for his safety
and for the safety of my Mom, Dad and Aunt
as they travel back from Brampton Ontario
to Michigan tomorrow
(They were visiting my Oma,
and no, I was not able to join them;
but I called lots!)
I would appreciate the prayer.
Today was a great day over all for me;
I got to stay home and watch it snow.
Just what I needed today
and I got a good deal of work done,
of course there is much more
to do.
It is good for me to begin my life in this new apartment
in peace and I am grateful for this day.
Praying for Resa, as prayer will do,
is such a blessing;
we are so fortunate to be able to pray for each other,
as the prayers always encourage us
as well.


Victoria said...

beautiful view from your window!

Pres. Kathy said...

The view is amazing. Your family was in our prayers tonight.

margaret said...

The screen lines add some atmosphere to the photo - and it's making me tearful reminding me somehow of Denver.

Cleo is lovely. Ohhhhh that coat! it's the most irresistable looking cat coat I've ever seen.

And I will say a prayer for your travelling family.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I love your photo of the snow !

It was warm and sunny with us yesterday :-0

Prayers for all your needs, and for your family :-)

Alana said...

What a gorgeous, gorgeous goblet!

I love seeing all your pictures. Give me wanderlust.