Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Small steps

I have not been online as much

Moving and setting up house
(and having little or no access to Internet last week)
has put me behind also on blog reading
and commenting.


I have been struggling with fears,
even though I see how God is taking care of me.

Sometimes one feels alone
even when God, the Holy Theotokos and the Saints
are near.

However, it also a lie of the devil
to try to convince us that we are actually alone.


God is with us.


to which I thank her most kindly.
I do enjoy our friendship via the blog world
and thank God for her.

Now the rules say I am to pass this on.

So here are my five,
though there are so many to chose from.

MamaJuliana - I find her blog dear and her love for
her family always has a heartening effect.
I treasure the prayers she has offered for me
over the past months.

Mimi is perhaps my oldest blog friend
who I did not know in person first.
She would comment and keep my blog company
when not to many others did.
I always look forward to hearing from her
via her blog.

RW is a treasured friend
whose love of art, beauty and space left on a page
I share and am so glad to have her in my life.

Victoria has also been a great
to me and I really appreciate her
and her blog.

Elizabeth at The Garden Window has been a
delightful new friend over the past year
and a true prayer support.

There are so many others, including

Pres. Kathy whose blog and stories of her lovely son
are a joy to read; her and her Husband Fr. D.'s prayers
have been a great encouragement to me.

Mat. Donna as well, which to me goes without saying.

That the Geeky Wife cares about me has meant a lot to me,
really touched me! :)

Deb's blog I have been reading I think two years now
and is always a joy.

And November's blog and similar struggles with employment
are also an encouragement to me.

And the list goes on
Know that if I comment on your blog,
it means I read it and appreciate you very much.

Also I have not even mentioned all of my friends who I know
in person
who blog.

So please do not feel forgotten!!


This month I will not be posting as much, is my guess.
Between unpacking,
figuring out Cleo care,
visiting family and friends in Michigan
and trying to set up some resumes so I can come back
in early January ready to try to find a part-time job
I will not have much time for much else.


May the Lord preserve us and bring us to His mercy
and to the love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


thegeekywife said...


RW said...

thanks for the kind words
I shall continue for you over these next few weeks.

Victoria said...

you are definitely not alone.
that is a lovely image.

DebD said...

even with a house full of people we c an feel alone sometime. Hugs and prayers.

thanks for the kind words. You are too sweet.

Mimi said...

Sniff, sniff, thank you! Mwah!

And, travel safely and you are not alone indeed.

E Helena E said...

Love to you! I miss you! Nice to see you're back here.

Pres. Kathy said...

You put tears in my eyes! I have to say that even though we don't get the chance to meet our blog friends, they are so dear to us. I know that when I see an email that someone has left a comment on my blog, it feels so nice to know that someone is thinking of you. You are always in our prayers. God bless! I miss you!

elizabeth said...

thanks everyone! I felt really encouraged, thanks again... I needed your words and they made my day a lot lighter.

elizabeth said...

oh and thanks Victoria for liking the picture. this is the first Icon I got at the monestary in Michigan a week after I was chrismated; it is on my Icon shelf and when I am home, this is the icon that has a tea light candle lit...