Sunday, December 20, 2009

Busy Setting Up House

Hi there,
I have not been here much, lately.
My apologies if I am sparse in comments in blogland.
I have not only been processing some things internally,
but trying to get my new apartment
to a functional, usable and more beautiful state
has taken a while.
Not that I am finished yet.
But here are some things I did do...

Lots of Laundry.

Happy to report that my new laundry room is quite lovely.

I put up this shelf in my

no-storage-what-so-ever bathroom.

Took buying two brackets (uneven walls)

and I lost a drill bit in the wall.

(It is still there).

But the shelf is up and my lovely things on it.

I have my Icons up now.
Well, most of them.
Have some paper one I need to frame (still).
And am getting some new-to-me Icons tomorrow.
Today (old calendar) was
St. Nicholas Day!
I was in church at morning liturgy and vespers tonight.
My job for tomorrow's celebration
for today's St. Nicholas feast,
is baking three chocolate vegan cakes.
They are now ready to go.
I fly home Lord Willing this Monday morning.
Prayers requested for travel.
We must be vigilant in this Christmas Season.
It is so easy to get out of sorts,
especially as we are all part of various families
and things that are hard
often come up.
May the Lord protect and bless us in the rest of the
Nativity Fast and the Feast to come!


E Helena E said...

Lovely to see that your new home is all coming together. And in a few hours,DV,will see you before you leave. Of course, you have my prayers! So true about the need for vigilance; this is an increasingly harder season for many and all.

Pres. Kathy said...

We have missed you! The apartment is starting to look lovely. Lots of prayers for a safe trip!

RW said...

Have a good trip.
Enjoy your time away.

mamajuliana said...

Have a safe trip and a wonderful time with family. Who Cleo sits? Does she go along?

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Prayers for safe travel and a blessed trip :-)

Mimi said...

It is so beautiful, and feeling like a home!

Travel safely!

Michelle M. said...

It always feels good when moving in is nearing an end. It looks great so far!