Monday, December 14, 2009


(First picture from my new home)

Being in the capital of Canada,

things are always happening here.

Over the weekend the Olympic Flame toured around.

It was rather surprising for a grey day;

I was home and all of a sudden this great radio-like noise boomed out.

Huge trucks (see picture below) announced the flames coming,

and that it was a "historic" event and the longest tour of the flame

ever in Canada.

They were not kidding!

They were still touring around Ottawa hours later;

went in front of my church after vespers.

The runners with the torch switched off;
apparently there is more than one torch.
you never know what to expect here,
and that was part of Saturday.
I was acutely conscious of how much better Church was than this,
providing a sense of home and abiding care and comfort.
And being with friends after vespers for a meal
was more than ideal.


Pres. Kathy said...

How neat! Have a blessed week!

Mimi said...

I got to see the torch twice - once in 1984 and once in 2002 - awesome both times.

margaret said...

Elizabeth, when you have a moment, would you drop me a note to nadiamargaret at yahoo dot com. Thank you.